Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Grandfather's Legacy

Our grandfather is C. Q. Yee Hop or Chun Quon Yee Hop. He came to Hawai'i from Guandong, China in the early 1900's and established a number of businesses here. Wanda Adams attended our C. Q. family's Chinese New Year's banquet this last February. She was particularly taken by a steamed fish fillets and tofu dish served that night. Locally, this technique is often prepared with blistering hot peanut and sesame oils poured over a whole steamed fish, like Moi.

The link below is to a an article that Wanda did after Golden Palace's chef demonstrated the dish for us. Wanda, the photographer and I scarfed down most of the banquet-sized platter in the middle of the afternoon even though we'd already had lunch. It was just so delicious!

I was pleasantly surprised that Wanda wrote an extensive article on my Gung Gung's life history, in addition to the recipe.

Here is an email I sent out:
Hi, Family and Friends,
Here is an article in today's Advertiser that has some background about my grandfather. Having Wanda and her husband at the family dinner and seeing it all through her eyes made me appreciate my family and its place in Hawai'i's history more. There is also an accompanying article on this site at the top, with recipes for this fish dish that was really 'ono.

Ed. note: If you do make this fish dish I would highly recommend using soft tofu for it's custard-like texture and Kim Lan Light Soy Sauce, available in Chinatown.


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