Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Entertaining Island Style" by Wanda A. Adams

Wanda Adams, the Food and Book editor to the Honolulu Advertiser, has just come out with her second cookbook "Entertaining Island Style-101 Great Recipes and Tips from Hawai'i". I know I may be biased because I worked on the photoshoot but I think it's terrific. Fabulous job on the photos by the photographer and the styling team. I think these local recipes are inventive and most importantly, delicious. These recipes have been thoroughly tested and come out exactly as described. Wanda thoughtfully provided ingredient substitutions for mainland folk.

Wanda's first cookbook "Island Plate" quickly sold out its first three editions and is in its fourth printing. Both cookbooks are available on ( Entertaining Island Style is 10. on If you order 25. or more in books then shipping is FREE, even to Hawai'i!) and bookstores locally. At the end of this post is the description of her second cookbook from Borders online.

It was great fun to work on the shoot and I learned alot from the food and photo pros on the crew. My cousin, EB, asked me for a list of favorite recipes I've tried from the book so far (I got a sheaf of some of the recipes earlier when working on the shoot):

Cozido Soup, Portuguese Kale and Sausage p. 47 (hearty and quick)
Nibuta Pork p. 71 (great sliced over saimin, ramen)
Furikake Salmon p. 77 (very popular restaurant item)
Okazuya Style Fish Cake p. 107 (from a previous Advertiser article)
Steak Poke p.124 (Hand's down winnah. Wanda said she made it for a tv appearance on Andy Bumatai and the tv crew wiped it out. Photo on the top left of this posting)
Prune Cake and 7 min. icing p. 129 and 130 (moist, better even the next day when the spices have time to mellow)
Soft Haupia Custard p. 132 (very yummy, very versatile sauce or filling for cakes, etc.)
Pineapple Cream Cheese Pie p. 144 (my favorite dessert from the book)
Swedish Crepes p. 149 (easy, perfect crepes)


Borders' description on their site of Wanda's cookbook:

Entertaining Island StyleBibliographic Data: Hardcover, 24 Pages, December 2007Author: Adams, Wanda A.List Price: $15.

Everyone loves a luau! And with the help of "Entertaining Island Style, " it's easy to host a Hawaiian-themed bash that's both authentic and enjoyable. This playful, insightful guide is a one-stop resource for Island culture, customs, and cooking. Written by Maui native Wanda Adams, it features the low-down on local parties -- what's done, what's not done, what types of food and beverages are served; easy-to-understand descriptions of local food terms; and must-have details such as how to crack a coconut. A wealth of fabulous recipes, all Island favorites, reflect the diverse cultures and flavors of the people of Hawaii. Adams also offers fascinating historical facts on the origins of tropical drinks, along with a bevy of luscious cocktail recipes. Whether prepared for a crowd or a simple weeknight supper, these fresh, exciting recipes make any occasion a sunny one.
Wanda Adams wrote an article on Nov. 7, 2007 for the Advertiser about her new book. It can be found on the Honolulu Advertiser website in the archives for that date. She provides her recipe for Steak Poke. There are also video clips of her preparing dishes from the cookbook.


A hello to Cindy N. and her friends! Cindy and I ran into each other at Sunnyside in Wahiawa. She'd read my blog and asked me if I was a vegetarian now? NOT! She was too polite to notice that I'd ordered the fried rice special with sunnyside up egg and a hot dog! BUSTED! Note to Dr. S and Dr. D, I really don't eat this way all the time. In fact, I know I've adopted the Shintani lifestyle 80% of the time.

Another hello to the Mo'ili'ili McD's group: Carlson, Linda, Ron, Sharon, Fred, Jenna, Joe, Leila and John! It was great to finally meet the rest of the gang. You guys are loyal friends to each other.


Samantha said...

i can't wait to read and tryout the recipes of the copy you gave me!!! thank you thank you thank you! :)

sherry said...

I'll let Cindy N. know that you sent us a shout out. I'm the one that keeps updating her with your interesting food blogs. Keep up the good work! I absolutely love everything to do with food, especially if it's about Hawaii!

foodiewahine said...

Thank yuo for all of your positive comments, Samantha and Sherry. That's what keeps me going.
Actually the shout out was to Cindy N., Jason's friend, not Cindy C.