Monday, May 7, 2007

Just a Note:

I'll be in NC for the next two weeks or so to visit my two adorable mo'opuna.

Thank you! People have asked-how to write a comment? Go to the end of this post below and there's yellow lettering that says "0 comments" or "___ comments". Click the yellow "comments". It will take you to the comments section and ask you if you want to leave a comment in a box. You have to create a Google account first using one of your email addresses and a password. You write in the secret password they provide, write a comment and hit "Publish". You can do this anonymously or leave a nickname. In the future, you need to log in with your Google account which is good on other Google sites like their terrific Picasa website for posting your photos online. Thanks, Yanet for telling us about that!

Will tell you about the grandkids and the awesome Southern foods when I return (North Carolina barbecue! Hush puppies)! Mama Dip's fried chicken, here I come!


Anonymous said...

hi auntie,

i enjoy reading your blog for a touch of "home."


your nephew from sf

foodiewahine said...

Aloha, nephew from sf,
The reason why I started this blog was to put in writing my feelings for this place that is my, our, home. If it conveys those feelings to you, then I'm happy.
the foodiewahine